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SpaceJoist, LLC offers today's builder a truly unique truss system that combines the best features of a wood I-joist and an open web floor truss to deliver a quality product for maximum efficiency on the job site.

The SpaceJoist Web Site is intended for use by architects, engineers and design professionals responsible for the specification of structural components in building projects. This web site also provides useful information to lumber suppliers and building contractors and serves as a reference guide for building code officials. The loading tables included on this web site are limited to common loading conditions for typical construction; however, many other loading conditions are possible. SpaceJoist users are cautioned to fully investigate all loading conditions to which specific trusses may be subjected. Contact your SpaceJoist representative for answers to any questions you may have. The information contained herein is valid only for the loads and conditions stipulated and applies solely to construction utilizing the SpaceJoist product.

Every effort has been made to ensure that the information on this web site is accurate. It remains the responsibility of the user, however, to validate its adequacy for the particular situation in which the product is being utilized. SpaceJoist and the holders of trade names referenced on this web site expressly disclaim any responsibility arising from the improper use of the information on this web site.

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SpaceJoist TE Manufacturing Facility re-locates to Rosebud, MO in partnership with Trim Fit, LLC. Press Release

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